Nanda is a start-up project which was developed during an interdisciplinary founding project of the University of Bremen and the University of the Arts. Nanda is a speech-based dating app concept which is the continuation of my "Voice Love" project. Eight students from the fields of computer science, business administration and media design have created a business model and built a start-up on it. The project was accompanied and supported by the chair LEMEX of the University of Bremen.

Voice Love

Voice Love is a prototype for a dating app based on a voice function. This approach will slow down the online dating so that you can experience the process more consciously. Actually the focus is on personality to avoid the superficiality.

FIBER Festival 2017

At the University of the Arts Bremen I participated in the course "States of Matter" by Prof. Ralf Becker. There I developed my installation "Ausblick ist gleich Ansicht", which I exhibited at the FIBER Festival 2017 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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