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Ausblick ist gleich Anblick

Ausblick ist gleich Ansicht:

Astronauts train many years until they can glance at our earth from thousands of miles away. Sometimes it takes not more than a closer look to discover new worlds. A blue planet with turquoise streams is often smaller than we think. A toy of our childhood making us dream of distant worlds now we don’t even recognize with our own eyes. A marble is sometimes the same as a bubble.

Modified soap bubbles with smoke inside and an overhead projector illuminating a black room allow us to look into another dimension. Not only worlds but also their atmospheres are in contact with each other. The spectacle starts with cloudy worlds. Over time the fog thins out and the worlds get clear – the curtain falls. Dynamic, blue-turquoise streams come on stage awakening the worlds. Flourishing worlds with sparkling streams arise, but they become sluggish.

The streams grow and keep claiming more room. However the resources recede, so the streams slow down themselves. A time comes when the streams stand still forever. The worlds become unstable and are only a shadow of their former selves.

The last resources are gone. The worlds are hollow. But the need of resources is not over, therefore they exploit the rest of themselves. The world tears – a hole. In the end, the world dissolves in smoke…

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