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In the 21. century dating has changed fundamentally. We have the option to meet persons in the reality and also in the digital worldin the Internet. Today it´s possible to find a relationship on many different dating services and apps. Most of those online dating platforms have similar functions. They include a user profile with images, a chat to contact others, a filter and a match system. But how will a dating app look, if it only has a minimalist selection of function – like voice? The project “Voice Love” is dedicated to this thought.

The filter settings are reduced to a minimum of choice. Therefore the users can set their own gender (female, male or other). Then they can choose in whom they are interested and a range of age for their search. This is the foundation needed to evolve an interest in a person.


The matchmaking system is the main part to find a partner. For that a users don’t have an image of this person or the choice to see they profile. The users can only listen to the voice recording. This voice recording is a question of a person. So the users can think about the voice and the matters of this person. Also the content gives the users an easier entry to the conversation in the next step.

If the users voted three persons, they have the chance to listen their voice files again. Then the users need to decide for the person they wants to answer. Why only one person? Because this is slowing down the experience. They need to think about which person is most interesting for them.


The last step is to contact this person directly with a voice message. The users answer with a voice message the question which the person asked or they can present themselves with an own idea. And maybe the other person answers back – it is a match.

„Voice Love“ introduces another way of online dating. It goes without the visual aspects, like images or text messages. Therefore the personality can be at the front „Sprache hat eine größere Tiefe als Bilder.“1 “Language has a more depth than images.”1 Possibly the voice gives more intimate conversations and that without losing the anonymity. “Man könnte jemanden kennenlernen den man sonst nicht Kennenlernen würde.”2 “It is possibly to get to know somebody you usually would not to get to know.”You can meet somebody in another way and have the choice to break your dating pattern. Maybe you find your true love, because like one says so beautifully:

“Listen to your heart3.

1,2 from visitors of the Hoschschultage on the HfK 2017

Roxette – Listen to Your Heart

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