Material Hub

The Material Hub is a place where people can hand in and receive used materials. The hub aims to be set up in the immediate vicinity of the DIY store in order to create a low-threshold and complementary service. The Material Hub project originated from my master thesis, now I am the project coordinator. It was nominated for the Bundespreis Ecodesign 2023.

Eine partizipative Exploration von Smartphone Interfaces – Bachelor Thesis

This bachelor thesis investigates how an explorative and participatory design process can affect the development and design of new interactions and visualisations of a smartphone homescreen. It intensely deals with the research areas of one hand operation of smartphones and the personalisation of the displayed apps via app prediction. This work approaches the topic from a research and design perspective.

Cultural Probes – Participatory Design Method

In the course "Methods of participatory software development" at the University of Bremen, we were introduced to different methods and their origins in scientific publications that we can use them for our project. Every week a member had to work more intensively with one method and prepare it for the seminar. In my work I intensively studied the Cultural Probes and made some myself.

Orbit Angle UI

With Orbit Angle UI, the management of apps on the smartphone becomes simpler and smarter at the same time - to achieve this, the concept was developed in a participatory way with the users. The result is a customizable system that sorts the apps according to the time of day and location and at the same time is fast and easy to use with one hand.

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