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Fabularium - Cultural and Educational Association

The Fabularium is a cultural and educational association that aims to preserve and promote the Czech language and the artistic skills of Czech children in Germany. They organize a variety of activities such as thematic workshops, lectures and excursions, check out for more information. As a freelance web developer and designer, I implemented their website in WordPress. I completely realized the website according to their wishes and gave an introduction so that the site can be managed independently.

I designed a concept for the page structure based on the desired functionalities and discussed it with my client. After refining the concept, the core activity was to implement the responsive pages for a representative homepage, a team presentation page and a blog for workshops and news. It was important for the Fabularium team to be able to maintain the site on an ongoing basis on their own. That’s why we decided to use WordPress and I designed website elements so that they can be easily reused.

Further functions that have been implemented are the bilingual functionality in Czech and German and a cookie banner with an associated content blocker. In order for the Fabularium to inform its community about upcoming events or news, I setup a newsletter and a form on the website.

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